Sunday, September 25, 2011

LIHTC/Tax Credit 3-Step Application Process

If you are struggling with, or would like a better way of explaining the application process to a potential prospect, try using this 3-step process.

First inform the prospect that your community has income guidelines.  Those guidelines are based on the number of individuals in the household.  Ask how many persons are in the household and tell them the maximum allowable annual income for a household of that size.  Then choose one of these phrases to ask if:

a) They think, they would qualify
b) They are under or over this income limit

Use whichever method of questioning you are most comfortable with.
After the prospect has completed the application, let them know there will not be an immediate response on acceptance. Income verification is needed to verify the information provided on the application is accurate, and that there are no hidden bank accounts, home ownerships, or other assets of this type.
Explain to the applicant that there are three-steps in the application approval process.  
First, credit and criminal reports are run to be certain that the prospect meets the resident selection criteria as defined for that apartment community.

Secondly, if step one passes, the income verification process will begin. Let the prospect know that we are at the mercy of their employer, bank, and anyone else they listed, to verify the information on the application is true and accurate. In some cases, the need for the applicant’s assistance in obtaining the required documentation may be necessary.

The third and final step is the approval process. At Yarco Companies, we have a “second pair of eyes” review the file.  This confirms that all items have been properly verified, and nothing has been missed. When the applicant’s file has been successfully approved, the applicant can move in. This whole process could take a couple days or could easily take more than a week, depending on the speed with which all verifications and approvals can be completed.

Explanation of this process from the first initial contact with a prospective resident may help prevent some phone calls asking if the application has been approved. When a call is received asking about approval, notify the applicant which step of the process their application is in. With the information that has been given the applicant regarding the three steps required for approval, they should know what stage the verification is in and how much longer they may have to wait for a final decision and move-in date, hopefully reducing daily phone calls from the anxious applicant.

What ways have you found to help explain the procedure to prospects?

Linda Hansen ARM, HCCP
Director of Property Marketing
Yarco Company

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

IT'S HOT!!! & You need a Cool Pool

Join Apartment Communities in the Kansas City area, Chilling Down Hot Pools and Rebuilding Lives

Jump in For Joplin

Beat the Heat, Jump Into an Iced Pool

Help Rebuild Joplin, Missouri

The Community Response/Public Relations Committee is asking for your help with a great night at your property. Ask your residents to bring a bag of ice and $2.00 donation and together we'll take the jump to help our Neighbors in Need! All donations will be used to help Tornado Victims in Joplin, Missouri

Visit for the flier so you can host this event.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who Knows? Maybe You Could Be The Next TV Super-Star

At a recent AAKC lunch meeting, we were informed the hit TV Show, “Extreme Home Make-over” has selected a family in need in the KC Metro and they have asked for the help of our caring members. The local company building the new home (in only 5 days), only recently found out about this new project, so they are in need of literally everything. This project begins on July 30th when the family is “surprised” and they will work 24/7 building their dream home through that Saturday.

This sounds like a great opportunity for AAKC Members to come together and donate our time, efforts, trade-skills and supplies too. You may visit the link below to for a complete list of needed materials and opportunities. Who knows maybe you will even be on national TV?

Let’s step up and show this deserving family how amazing our association is! Visit to sign up, make a donation and see a complete list of needs!

Join AAKC and help us say, "Move that bus!"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Learn Online with AAKC and NAA

Invest In Yourself. Learn Online!

AAKC & NAA have partnered with Callsource to offer more learning opportunities than ever before.

Through the AAKC “NAA Online Learning” center, NAAEI Webinars and Online Designation courses you have even more ways to super charge your career.

Now designates can earn CEC’s anytime with online learning.

Other Online Learning Options Through the National Apartment Association Education Institute

NAAEI Online Programming
The following NAAEI programs are offered online:

Click here to learn more about online Designation programs.

In addition, NAAEI offers webinars to its members all year long!
For the most up to date information please click here;

All NAAEI Webinars will provide:

• Copies of PowerPoint presentations
• Handouts with key information
• The ability to ask questions to experts and receive answers

On this page, you will find more information about NAAEI's special topic and Webinar series as well as NAAEI's online programs.

NAA is going Mobile!

If we can hold the world wide web in our hands, shouldn't we have a say in how we see it? Take our survey and help us determine what we should display on your handheld screen.

Take the survey now! Even if you don't use a mobile device for web access, we would appreciate your feedback!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Share!

I have recently written and read some great blogs that I wanted to share with you. Here is the first blog that was posted on APTly Spoken (the NAA blog). It is about resident events and why they don't equat resident retention.

Next, is a blog I wrote about Social Media. It was posted on the NAA Online Communtiy, so you will need your (free) NAA login to read. It is called "5 Things You Should Know About Social Media." I hope you enjoy it.

Lastly, I wanted to share a recently posted story from MHN online about the NAAEI online designation programs. This show you it is possible to take your career to new levels, even online.

What is your favorite blog?

Friday, March 18, 2011

AAKC Social Hour

When Linda and I put our heads together and started the social media committee at AAKC, we had no idea how successful it would become. It has gone from some words on paper to an amazing group of people brainstorming ways we can make our association stronger.

We meet once per month like our other committees at AAKC. But, instead of planning a trade show or awards banquet, we plan ways to promote our association and other events. We create new ways for our members to get involved.

One of our most successful ideas is to host a monthly "Social Hour". Our committee chooses an establishment in a different part of the Kansas City Metro each month to host the event. A different committee member each month takes the lead and works out the details and even gets the location to donate a gift card or two for us to give away at the event. To promote this, we mainly use Facebook by creating an "event". The first Social Hour in December had about 40 people in attendance. A huge success! Each month after that we average about 50 members. We now even have a vendor sponsor the event. For a small fee, we put their name on the event page and use their name when promoting the Social Hour.

Some people still think social media is a fad and it is going to fade away into the sunset. I respectfully see things a little differently. I feel it is here to stay and I am so happy it is. After all it is so much fun!

It is great having a large committee of great people that are on the same page and can help come up with so many fun ideas. I can't wait to see where social media will take our association this year.

Tweet to you soon,

Jeremy Lawson, NALP
Social Media Committee